Ramon Siegenthaler - ParkourONE

Even as a small child Ramon Siegenthaler was always in motion. His successful sixteen-year career in handball was center of his world until he found out about Roger Widmer and the art of moving efficiently. From that moment, Parkour was became the passion that changed his life. Together with his friends Roger and Felix, in the town of Münsingen, he started out as a Parkour tracer of the first hour outside France. His dream is to one day give up his work as a chef for his passion in Parkour. 

Roger Widmer - ParkourONE


Roger discovered Parkour in 2000 through watching a TV documentary on David ​Belle, the forerunner of Parkour. He was immediately inspired and the same time fascinated by watching consistent linearity movement. Roger very quickly noticed that this movement triggers in him a process which is more than just a movement – above all it's an attitude which has become a fundamental part of his life. In German-speaking Europe, Roger with his pioneering work, has influenced the development of Parkour. He is not just the co- founder of ParkourONE, he also has a vast knowledge of and skill in Parkour and was one of the first tracers outside of France.

Felix Iseli - ParkourONE


Felix focuses on many sports in addition to parkour that offer a lot of room for individual development such as surfing. When his friends Roger Widmer and Ramon Siegenthaler made him aware of Parkour in 2002, the seed was sewn and he immediately started training. Several visits to Lisses, Paris (birthplace of Parkour) and training with the local traceurs have shaped his skill and ability. After his world trip in 2007, he decided to devote his life entirely to Parkour. Since then he lives by and for Parkour. In addition to the active participation of various shows as a traceur, Felix also acts as a choreographer and planner of such events.

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